Spesifikasi :

  • Play: DVD、VCD、CD、MP3、MP4;
  • USB player: MP3 MP4、WMA;
  • With external speaker output jack, two VHF or UHF wireless microphone and two wired  microphone input jack.
  • With Echo、delay, Guitar input jack,Audio Line in/Line out , Video Line out.
  • Has one piece storage battery (12V 12AH) could use continuous 4 hours when on the 1/2 volume.
  • The battery is equipped with a low-voltage protection circuit.
  • With 12V external power supply input jack(Supply from the car).
  • Power Source   :  AC 110V to 250V DC +-12V 10AHX1Output Power   : 100 WLoundspeaker   : 8” Speaker + 3” High Frequency DriverChannel              : Double Channel and 2 wireless microphonesFrequency Range: VHF 165-265 MHZ

    Sensitivity: 10 dB  uV (S/N is Over 60dB)

    Oscillating Mode: +/- 0.005% quart oscillating locked. PLL

    Wireless Effective Range: 35 meters

    Weight      :   18 kgs

Wireless Transmitter:

Antenna :  Built-in noise terminator circuit (Microphone)

Built-in antenna (Body pack Transmitter)

Baterry                            : DC 9V

Current Consumption  : 20 mA

Power Output                : 20 mA

Spurious Emission         : 45dB